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Be the hub of great ideas.


We’ve been in the planning and sales hot seat.

People are yearning for personal connection and meeting in destinations that are unique and authentic. Our team of global meetings, conventions, events and sports experts are on the frontline of the new ideas and approaches that drive local spending and hotel room nights. Get ready to innovate, and set a new ceiling for success.

Why work with us.

We bring your MC&IT approaches together, so you don't have to.


We know business travel inside and out. We’re global MC&IT experts (who know how to roll-up their sleeves and get their hands dirty). 

At the Whistler Conference Centre, we drove over $3.5 million in revenue and 90,000+ group room nights annually. In Ottawa, we modernized the hotel meetings sector and delivered $3 million in business the first year. We know how to build a winning focus.

Our Certified Meeting Professional, and DMO, Hotel and DMC alumni never pitch ideas that are impossible to actually get done on the ground. We’ve lived the challenges you face, so we’ll be there next to you every step of the way as you roll out winning ideas and get buy-in from hotels, catering sales people, city officials, funders and your partner network. 

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