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Opportunity Ahead.


Destinations and tourism experiences that pick up speed to make the hard climb, will be tomorrow’s big winners.


  • BC short-haul and neighbouring provincial markets will lead the recovery and will continue to be the primary market until international markets regain momentum.

  • UK, Europe meeting markets are coming back online faster than US.

  • Meetings visitors generate 3x more local economic impact than a leisure traveller. Meeting segments are looking for more affordable destinations that are unique and authentic.

  • Competition for BC local share of voice will drive up the cost of popular digital channels.

  • Deep discounting will only erode Brand equity and lead to destructive competition.

  • Intense compression will drive prices up and work against recovery efforts.

  • Traveller and local partner safety concerns will put onus on businesses and DMOs to keep proving destinations are safe and welcoming (at least for next while)

  • After tough times, travel values show an increased emphasis on community and belonging.  Key market segments want to connect with their roots and have shared experiences.  Marketing that appeals to their social values will deliver a better ROI.


Now more than ever, believe in the value that your experience provides. Cutting prices is a band-aid solution that will flatten your growth and leave your business worse off.




Hyper-Local Digital

Content driven multi-channel digital approaches that bring together the most effective localized digital tactics will help you focus your competitive advantage and get travellers to lean-in, learn and book.


Retail Reach and Impact

Look to your local economy. New partnerships with popular local artisans, restaurants, retailers and community leaders will increase your engagement, reach and market power.

It's a complex and confusing time, but success is waiting for destinations and businesses who want to make change.


Economic Reconciliation

Develop meaningful Indigenous partnerships based on a holistic view of prosperity, and concrete actions like creating businesses, building-up tourism infrastructure, and strengthening institutional capacity. Winning partnerships offer direct economic benefits that improve an Indigenous community’s well-being.


Smart Sectors 

Now more than ever, it’s about personal connection. Brand ambassadors in your target segments will put you over the top, and fight to keep the business with your destination.

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